osCmaxTemplates was born from a desire and need to keep osCmax as current as possible. This includes past and current versions. Development of osCmax has not halted by any means. There are thousands of osCmax installs currently active across the internet. This site is independent of the official osCmax site and forums.

An osCMax Team Member & Developer as well as a frequent osCmax forum ‘helper’, Ridexbuilder is able to provide a quality service for the installation and support of osCMax. His specialty is osCmax v2.5.x, visit ejsolutions.co.uk

Was a member of the osCMax Testing Team and a frequent poster on the osCmax forums. Her specialty was osCmax v2.0.x, and previously ran nailtech,com  RIP wkdwich my friend.

For more information send an email to: templates at oscmaxtemplates dot com