Welcome.. a site dedicated to bringing you custom templates for osCmax – all versions of osCmax.

We have some FREE osCmax templates for you to download, then we have  Mobile-Friendly templates to work alongside whatever template you currently use for your PC viewers. If you currently run osCmax v2.0.x click here to see what we can do for you. If you run osCmax v2.5.x click here.

Just what is osCmax? Everyone has heard of osCommerce.. osCmax is osC on steroids. The osCmax team has pre-added a number of modifications to improve work flow for you as the merchant shop owner and enhance your customers experience as well. You can download the newest version: osCmax_v2.5.4.zip 10.24mb or head over to the site and read more about whats included.

To enhance your osCmax installation even more AND to be Google Mobile-Friendly compliant, you NEED to get a copy of our templates!

Google announced it was going to penalize site owners for NOT having a mobile-friendly alternative. The Mobile Template here at osCmaxTemplates will conform to Google’s criteria!

We have run our templates through Google’s Mobile-Friendly test and PASSED!

Our Template PASSES Googles Mobile-Friendly test!
Our Template PASSES Googles Mobile-Friendly test!